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Submitted on
November 2, 2013


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*Warning: Depression and blood*

I looked around outside, shaking as the cold winter wind blasted against me. I sat on the curb, thinking about what my life had come to. I used to be such a happy person but, that all changed. I don't exactly know how, but I became a lot more depressed over time. Course I do my best to cover it up when I'm around people, especially my secret crush. I thought back to when we first met, when we were in grade school. When I was happier.

~Flash Back~

Little ______ was just playing on the playground by herself. Though no one really played with her, she didn't really mind. She was still young and would sometimes like to do things her own way, by herself. She climbed up the bulky steps to the top of the abandoned slide. She looked over the whole playground from her high perch and smiled, thinking to herself how she could see everything from where she was. It was then that a small boy climbed up as well, looking up at her with sparkling eyes.

~Flash Back End~

Before I could think of that for much longer, all the negative things started to haunt me once again. I frowned, instantly feeling the depression take over me. I looked up at the playground, long forgotten when the school shut down. I thought coming here would make me remember the good times but, little did I remember, there was also some bad times.

They weren't as bad as what I had heard others were going through but, try going through life feeling like there's no one to go to. No one to help you. Like you're all alone on this big planet we call Earth.

However, I did feel like there was one person I could go to. My secret crush. But, lately it seemed that he was avoiding me. He hasn't talked to me in about a month now. Maybe... he's just like everyone else.

They always leave me. I'm always alone. I moved my hand to my pocket, feeling the object I decided to bring with me. I took it out, watching as it gleamed in the moon light. I looked it over as I took out my cell phone, seeing if he'd responded to the text I sent him before I came here.

No new messages.

I sighed as I put the phone back in my pocket and fiddled with the blunt end of the object I was holding in my other hand. 'It wouldn't matter if I were to just disappear. Like I was never here in the first place. Nothing would change...' I thought to myself as I tightened my grip, tears starting to stream down my cheeks.

"N-no one c-cares. N-no one w-would..." My breath hicked as I tried to hold in my sobs, my eyes closed tightly. I slowly opened them, everything fuzzy, as I looked down at the object, now pointed at my stomach.

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes as tight as I could, and plunged the knife deep into my stomach, tearing through the fabric and soft skin. My mouth opened wide to scream in pain but all that came out was a stuttered gasp, trying to catch my breath. Blood started to drip from my mouth as I slowly opened my eyes, seeing the knife in my stomach, the blade disappearing when it reached my now blood stained shirt.

Dark red liquid, seeming black in the night, dripped off the handle, joining the rest of the blood now painting the concrete. I felt the world around me slowly fade away but, before I faded into darkness, I heard someone shouting my name.
Yeah, this is what happens when I listen to depressing music late at night. Stupid title is stupid and I don't know if this needs a warning so I just put one there myself :I . Welp, this is a choose your character kind of story~ I'll probably make a couple before submitting this so you'll have some where to go... we'll see. But, yay~ I'm getting in more stories~ I just have to continue on some and stop making new ones :iconsweatdropplz:

Anyways, hope you like it~ ^^ Though I don't think it's that good

These are the ones I plan on doing and the ones already requested, so you can request any other character and I'll see what I can do~ ^^  but no promises on when they'll be out, okay?

Antonio (Spain): Coming soon
Kiku (Japan): Coming soon
Emil (Iceland): Coming soon
Francois (2p France): Coming soon
Allan (2p America): Coming soon
James (2p Canada): Coming soon
Oliver (2p England): Coming soon
Kuro (2p Japan): Coming soon
Fiorello (2p Italy): Coming soon
Gilbert (Prussia): Coming soon
Matthew (Canada): Coming soon
Ivan (Russia): Coming soon
Arthur (England): Coming soon
Tino (Finland): Coming soon
Mathias (Denmark): Coming soon
Flavio (2p Romano): Coming soon
Tim (Netherlands): Coming soon
Vash (Switzerland): Coming soon
Toris (Lithuania): Coming soon
Nikolai (Male!Belarus): 
Coming soon
Ion (2P!Russia): 
Coming soon
Miguel (Portugal): Coming soon
Gilen (2p Prussia): Coming soon
Heracles (Greece): Coming soon
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imakefanfictions Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Student Photographer
do one with greece please?
vamp003 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
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PLEASE DO ALLEN HE'S MY BRO AND I WANTED MY OC TO FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!Racing Girl Emoji (Please forgive me) [V3]  (That's how I look in real life lol)
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hetalian2468 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
These stories are amazing. I ocassionally go into "worthless mode" just like reader does. This made me cry on so many levels of feels. Just thank you for this wonderful work of art :-)
bribri1230 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
can u add 2p Russia...please...;^;
Miraclegirl14 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
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Miraclegirl14 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
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